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There tend to be acute flareups of extremely intense emotions like frustration, anger, overwhelming grief and sadness for what your life could have been like, or disgust, followed by episodes of other addictive or compulsive behaviors like shopping, eating, creative projects, self-isolation, workaholicism, TV watching or other kinds of “escape.” Chronic disorganization is a term coined by Judith Kolberg when she noticed that some of her clients had great difficulty maintaining traditional organizing methods.Seeing a lack of resources for helping people overcome chronic disorganization, she wrote the book “Conquering Chronic Disorganization.” In 2001, she founded the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD).If you find that you tend to YO-YO between extremes of getting organized and then becoming overwhelmed with clutter, this “pattern” may also be considered “chronically disorganized.” One of the key differences between situational and chronic disorganization is that not only are you functionally challenged, I have found that every CD person I’ve ever met or worked with, including myself, has been emotionally traumatized by the experience.Many of us become almost numb to the situation so don’t even realize the chronic pain we are in.Other potential contributing causes or correlated factors to consider include: This group within the chronically disorganized community can be thought of as “inventive” types: People who experience an intense kind of joy when they invent or create something unique, whether it is a recipe, or a novel use for an ordinary item – a behavioral pattern called “bricolage” by anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss.

His work inspired me to create an experimental blog devoted to exploring how my life has been affected by being “addicted to insight.” This group within the chronically disorganized population have an uncommonly profound and deep love of learning and researching: An extraordinarily strong drive to answer the questions of life and find meaning in everything.

When stressed and feeling unsupported, they may exhibit impatient, controlling, perfectionistic behaviors as well as anxiety, angry outbursts, depression, grief and other expressions of deep disappointment, existential agony, and/or insecurity.

Chronically disorganized people may be painfully shy or very extroverted.

Chronically disorganized people usually have some kind of neurodiverse personality traits.

They are often highly functional, exceptionally creative, non-linear thinkers and /or exceptionally technical, intelligent, empathic, emotionally intense, or sensitive.

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