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MY friends straight brother could not shake him at a party.He woke up in the middle of the night to a terrible ruckus. Prior to all this, when the two were drinking, he learned that Spacey was due to attend another event the next night that my friend was also invited to. I told a similar story on here before about Spacey pushing himself on my best friend's straight young (19) housemate in Savannah during Midnight in the Garden filming and people accused me of lying.He ended up meekly asking the bartender to call him a cab.

It was obvious that the young guy didn't want anything to do with Spacey at that point, and my friend Drew leaned over to get in Spacey's face and said, "He told you no. You're embarrassing yourself." Spacey got enraged, but then looked deflated.I recall that someone from their party was "drumming" along to the music on an upside-down plastic tub.When the bartender announced last call, Spacey got very insistent that the young guy at his table needed to give him a ride back to where he was staying.Very often victims dont pursue justice because they are scared, ashamed and fear the repercussions should others learn about it.While most victims of a sex crime can be assured of anonymity, if the assailant is famous, their identity will most certainly be revealed at some time (despite the court's efforts to shield them, we know the names of the boys that accused Michael Jackson, we know the name of the girl Roman Polanski raped) Look at all the people that waited years to report they were molested by a priest when they were a kid. Most people dont make up stories about their younger brother getting felt up by a dude. This one dates back to about 1995-- I was with friends (all early-to-mid-20s) in the bar area of the Stinking Rose restaurant on La Cienega, and La Spacey was sitting in the next booth with a few guys, ranging in age from maybe 19 to about 30.

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He also didn't even try to explain away the pictures of him grasping some Croatian twink a few years back. He can chase after any dude he wants away from the tabloid glare. " He then turned around, dropped his pants and said, "Besides, in Spacey no one can hear you scream! I don't know if it was on her eor some other gossip blog, but wasn't he also allegedly into black guys as well? There was a blind item circulating some years back where an A-list actor kept stalking a younger co-star on the set of their movie.

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