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Jake Matthews keert terug in de Octagon na bijna een jaar afwezigheid.

Hij neemt het op in de Welterweight divisie tegen de... De Peruviaan Humberto Bandenay heeft het short notice gevecht in de Featherweight divisie tegen Alexander Volkanovski aangenomen. Bandenay vervangt de Canadees Jeremy Kennedy die...

Another statistic I’d like to share with you is that 20% of committed relationships began with people meeting each other online.

This shows us that online dating isn’t just for young people looking for flings, or for desperate people at all; it’s an effective way to find someone you are compatible with, and it works.

Reden is naar alle waarschijnlijkheid de veiligheid van de Poolse vechter...

Whenever my friend and I chat about my dating life she always reminds me "so and so is still single" in an almost running joke type manner.They have a younger brother who is around 24 or so and he has had a lot of women apparently, from what people say. That'd be kind of embarrassing if your way younger brother was giving you advice on dating. Everyone wants to set him up with women, and he will entertain them.on the date.heck, if the woman is attractive, he will take her home and enjoy her company, etc? He is the "black sheep" in the sense that he's the only single one in our close knit family, but only my aunt frets about it because she nags him about grand kids.I don't understand the stigma against single people. Not having a boyfriend while doing well for yourself doesn't constitute a black sheep whatsoever. Being a jobless drug addict in a family of successful individuals. There are endless different ways to meet people, and not too long ago, that was the only way to meet people.If you meet your partner through an you might find that telling others that you met online to be boring, or worry that they will think it’s a lame way to meet someone.

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Beide Lightweights zouden in principe eerder deze maand tijdens UFC 216...

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