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I have heard nothing about this program until today.. No, it doesn't just compress a standard DVD smaller..uses lossy compression to reduce the file size, just like DVD Shrink and the like. Ever think about the name of this software "RAT" DVD? This software was created as a pre-release version of software that later became DVD anti-piracy software. RATS being people who pirate not exactly sure wat this software is used for. If I get it to run (not crash reporting) then I cannot play the created file. I am starting to backup my Dual Layered originals this way for cost purposes. Only drawback with new version is after encoding I get a warning on the bottom of a message saying "Parameter Is Incorrect". I liked this program and I found much more practical than other mediums.I accidentally downloaded a rat DVD format and was bascially forced into downloading the rat DVD software. Repeated this process with various settings and always the same outcome. The point of releasing RAT DVD was to get internet users to test and report bugs. After the testing was complete, they stopped updating RAT DVD and roled it into their comercial product that had ant-copy features that were not in RAT DVD. I am guessing this might have something to do wiht other codecs like divx and ffdshow. Is easier to file dvd backups with ratdvd, but is easier to make copies with dvdshrink.

Users submit links and stories and the community votes them up or down and comments on them.Well finally I can shrink a full movie and not loose any data. This piece of software seems to work miracles for my 80 gig hard drive. along with deconverting from the rat DVD format to DVDR, and then burning the DVD right from the program. And, I can shrink it to a size that I can either store on my hard drive without cluttering it or with between 4 to 6 other movies on a DVD R with no noticable deterioration in quality from the origional DVD. I don't have a slow computer, yet, this software is DOG slow when converting. I like to back up my DVD's, and watch them on my computer with this snazzy widescreen display.. And is a generosity while risking htheir skin to the hollywood companies...whould you give something away for free knowing that it can get you int troubles?

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