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“On your cellphone you can now see a gallery of pictures of people just like you around the country.You can communicate with them and share your thoughts in a private, intimate space.You can’t exactly go out and announce that you want to date someone of the same gender”.He eventually chose to do that online on Grindr, a dating app that a friend recommended.

“We offer them simple tips – don’t reveal too much information or watch out if someone uses their phone a lot during private moments as they may be filming them”, says Giani.“The big pro is that a lot of people are able to access others like them anonymously.Kalaivani, secretary, IFPEC in a conversation with the India Today Online. I am helping other sex workers to handle the pressure from clients and police.Gunavathi (name changed), says she likes this profession very much and she cannot do any other work. I feel if only the government establishes an exclusive place for our work it will minimise our hardships.The app then shows you a list of men who are in the vicinity and available to meet.“Earlier I used the apps for casual sex but now I rely on it to meet people”, he says.Men his age are hugely sought after, as they are “more well established and mature and regarded as good providers”.“Gay parties are a meat market and don’t really lead to meaningful relationships”, he says.

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