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But one thing was for sure: With his dark hair, piercing blue eyes and 6'5" frame, I was definitely attracted to him.

Given the very proper, business-like nature of our first date, I was caught off-guard when he asked me to go get breakfast a couple of days later.

Cougar Life, a dating website that promises to fulfill Demi-Ashton fantasies, got attention for erecting this billboard on Sunset Boulevard. "Mother F***ers." Cindy Rocker, head of (we kid you not) "cougar relations" explained to that the Sunset Strip is the epicenter of, well, cougar relations.

Cougar Life is just one of many niche dating websites specializing in sleaze.

At the time, I had joint custody and only saw them two weeks out of the month.

A few weeks after signing the divorce papers, I jumped right back into the dating game with a 29-year-old I had met at a work function. By then, I was 50 with three kids and unwavering aspirations of getting my MBA. I went on a few dates here and there, but mostly they were just … It wasn't just because the men didn't look like their profile pictures.But over time, I felt myself becoming more like a nanny and less like his wife.Foreplay felt like a chore, and eventually we weren't having sex at all.) and it was impossible to get a sense of what these men were about.After one too many failed dates, I seriously considered starting my own dating site.

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